Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Update For my Readers

Aloha and Happy Holidays.

It is now three months and eleven days post injury and believe it or not I'm still non weight bearing!  The substandard care I received in France, and especially putting me through two surgeries within two days of one another, resulted in a condition called "reflex sympathy dystrophy," a condition resulting in a need for much longer periods of therapy and retraining.

I'm currently working with a personal trainer and she's having a more positive outcome on my recovery than the physical therapist from my health plan who gave me simple exercises that I can do on my own.  My trainer has me on machines that are rebuilding my leg, stomach and back muscles from sitting for so long, as well as stretching to get that right ankle mobile again.

The bad news is that my doctor has adjusted my recovery period from six months to one year and possible two.

I remain in good spirits and am working hard with the goal in mind of rising from this wheelchair.

I hope to be blogging on some vacation spots this time next year, so stay tuned!

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka!