Sunday, January 31, 2010

Return to Dijon

It's been some time since I last posted and I've been enjoying the memory of autumn in Paris. The time has come to arrange another trip to France and we are set to return during the entire month of August. Although we swore we would not travel during August in France, we're eager to see what summer is like in Dijon.

We've arranged an exchange with a french couple and their two young children. Their home is about a 15 minute walk to City Center and also very near to some excellent restaurants. We've booked our flight and hope that you will join us on August 1, 2010 as we begin another adventure in France.

À bientôt! Lennie


  1. How did you get to do an exchange? That is a great way to go about it and something I would definitely consider for my trip. I cannot wait to hear what summer is like. I am planning a Fall Trip to Paris in 2012 so I have some time to prep.

  2. Hello Corine. Just go to and you can explore the site. We joined in 2005 and have had 8 home exchanges, all of them excellent. We're now in Dijon while our newest French friends enjoy our home in Honolulu. It is more than an exchange, it is a way to meet wonderful families world-wide. Enjoy your trip to Paris. J'adore Paris! Lennie