Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paris, October 2009, Branly Museum

Although I'm not quite sure Doug has recovered, he insisted that we go out today.

Yesterday was a day of rest and all we did was go to Monoprix for a few groceries, the patisserie for some bread and to Café Dumont for a light lunch. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and sleeping for Doug in an effort to get him over this cold that is dogging him.

I did fix a fabulous dinner. I browned two small pork chops in a bit of butter, along with some sliced apples, fresh thyme sprig and a little finely chopped shallot. Once browned, I put a lid on it and let the pork cook in its own juices for about 20 minutes before removing it to a warm plate to rest. I deglazed the pan with some Calvados, added a splash of cream and another pat of butter and simmered it while everything came together and thickened. I poured it atop the apples and pork and pulled the baking dish of sliced potatoes, a few pats of sweet butter, some cream to cover, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese from the oven (it was bubbly and rich). We opened a nice bottle of Bordeaux and enjoyed a fabulous meal at home. French cuisine at its finest!

It was much sunnier yesterday, than today, but it was still only sweater weather. We took the Métro line from Boucicaut to Invalides, then took the RER one more stop to Pont de l'Alma and walked from there a short distance to the Branly Museum where they currently have an exhibition arranged by Sarkosy and the President of Mexico. The exhibition was Teotihuacan and exquisite. It wasn't possible to take many photographs because we weren't allowed flash and most items were encased in glass--which is never ideal for picture taking. Nonetheless, I captured a few things for your enjoyment.

The Branly also had exhibits from the Americas, Africa and Asia, so it took us 3.5 hours to get through the exhibits. By then we were hungry and foot weary.

We left the Branly and walked toward Champ de Mars, under the Eiffel and into the 15e, down Commerce, to the Café de Commerce hoping to get there before the pizza chef left for the day. We were not lucky enough to do so. The pizza oven was closed, so Doug settled for a burger and I settled for salmon tartare and we shared a small pichet of Bordeaux Superior, before walking home from there.

It's quite cool outside now and the sky is darkening. I did manage a few photos from the apartment in advance, but now it's looking like we'll get some weather. We actually just checked and a storm is coming our way and plans to stay for several days, peppering us with rain and stirring up some wind.

We may be taking a break from our adventures, depending upon the weather and Doug's condition.

Enjoy my post for the day and rest assured I'll be back with more shots of Paris as soon as I'm able.

We're Home At Last, View Across Our Street

View From Living/Dining Room Out Our Large Window

View From Our Bedroom Window

My Petite Kitchen Awaits My Magic For Dinner

If You Drive A Smart Car, You Can Park Anywhere!

Lions Stand Guard At This Door Into Hotel de Ville

The Magnificent Hotel de Ville

It's Obviously Not Apéro Time, Only 1 Lonely Nun Passes By This Bistro

Le Monsieur Awaits His Burger, At Café de Commerce

Today's Specials At Café de Commerce

An Unusual View Of The Eiffel As We Walk By

An Old Stone Structure Remnant Below The Eiffel In The Gardens

Branly Exit Leads To Champ de Mars & Eiffel

Sacrificial God, Evidenced By Red Tongue And Skeletal Appearance

Teotihuacan Gods

Teotihuacan Culture Artifacts

More Artifacts From Teotihuacan Culture 150-450 CE

A Teotihaucan God Sitting Cross-Legged. Coals Were Burned In His Hat During Ceremonies

The Reason We Visited This Day

Dispay Of Dolls Fro Oceania Cultures

Hawaiian Bowl With Gods At Both Ends To Protect User

Bracelets & Necklaces Of Wealthy Used For Bartering

Ancient Funerary Masks Depicting Decedent and Used At Death Ceremonies

An Example Of The Amazing Art From Primitive Civilizations

Branly Garden

A Cooler Day (60F) Brought Many People To The Exhibition At The Branly

A Pleasant Entrance To The Museum, Gardens & Art

Entrance To The Branly Museum, With Eiffel Looming Over It

This, My Friends, Is The BEST Navigator In All Of France!

Café Dumont Is A Sort Of Art Deco Hang Out/Bar In The 15e

We Stop For Lunch At Café Dumont, On The Way To Monoprix For Some Supplies

Next Post: More of Paris Fall 2009

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