Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paris, October 2009, Sunny Sunday

Yesterday was rainy and cool, today sunny and warm. In fact, a long sleeved tee shirt and fleece vest with a scarf around my neck proved to be perfectly comfortable all day.

We walked from our apartment up rue du Commerce and enjoyed walking through the hugely popular open-air market at Grenelle. This market is held twice weekly and runs the distance under the viaduct of the Métro line along rue du Grenelle. I've got a promise from Doug that next Sunday we'll bring our pull cart, used for grocery shopping, and shop this great market. It was quite impressive with displays of beautiful fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, flowers, and you name it! I'd pay a bundle for such great supplies back in Hawaii and it literally kills me to simply walk by and not load up.

We hung around the market for a great long time drawing in the sounds and aromas and listening to chatter of locals as they visited with familiar merchants.

From there we walked to a garden pathway to stroll along the Seine toward Trocadero, the Eiffel and on to Branly museum. I'm quite sure that we walked a good six miles--at least my feet thought so--and then came upon a nice exhibition of photographs at the Branly along the Seine parkway. It seems that this is an international display by artists who are not well known but who can submit entries and contend for selection. The display was quite amazing and most of the entrants were from third world countries. We spent a great deal of time looking at this art display before leaving to explore an area along Place de la Resistance, that we have never walked. The weather was so fine, it seemed ashamed not to be out and many other people felt the same as we encountered rather large crowds of Sunday walkers.

Once through Place de la Resistance we found ourselves back near Grenelle, where we caught the Line 8 car back to the 15e from the 7e. We were thirsty and tired, so decided to stop at a little brasserie (La Petite Rotonde) about a block from our apartment and right at the Métro station Boucicaut (next stop after Commerce), where we get off. They're very nice in this place and we ordered a pichet of Rosé from the Luberon as well as a plate of paté du fois gras which came with a bit of salad, some caramelized onions and pieces of toasted bio bread. It was tasty and the Rosé refreshing. We lingered there for a little over an hour before walking home to post our daily photographs.

All in all, it was another spectacular day. Tomorrow is laundry, cleaning and shopping day but I'm sure we'll find some niche that is worth a photo. In the meantime, enjoy the following snaps of today's activities. It truly is nice to visit Paris during Fall. Few tourists and nice weather. We just weren't up to fighting the crowds at the Grand Palais, but we're not worried about it--there will always be a new and equally as exciting exhibition of art when once closes.

At Our Métro Stop (Boucicaut) We Stop For An Apéro Before Walking A Block Home

Here Comes Our Line 8 Car Now!

The Underground Métro Station Always Tells You Where You Are

This Entire Building Venerates The Blind

As We Stroll Down Place de la Resistance, Voila! Le Tour Eiffel!

Relief Sculpture Above Entries To Apartment Structures Is Not Unusual, But It Is Classic

I Thought It Interesting That This No Entry Sign Was Placed On A Restaurant

Another Honoree Along The Place de la Resistance, Our Route Back To The 7e Métro

You Can Enjoy The Photo Exhibition At The Branly Every October

The River Buses Where Busy On This Sunny Sunday

This Nice Pooch Was Checking Out Visitors Rather Than Art. He Posed Nicely For Me

Branly Museum Fall Colors

Annual Photo Exhibit At Branly

Photo Exhibition At Branly Museum

Nice View Of Trucadero Museum On This Sunny Sunday Along The Seine

Roses In Bloom Along The Branly Walkway

A Beautiful Fall View Of The Right Bank, Trocadero

The Sun Highlights Buildings In The Distance Near Trocadero and The Eiffel

We Prefer The Non-Crowded Stroll Around The Eiffel Along The Seine

Sunny Sunday Along The Seine, Walking Toward The Eiffel Tower & Branly Museum

A Beautiful Fall Day Along The Seine

Another Honoree Along The Seine On The Walk Toward Branley

Below Ground And Above Ground Rail Systems Allow Free Flow Of Traffic In Paris

Proof Positive, Sunday Is For Strolling Not Biking--Plenty of Velos Available For Rent Today

These Beautiful Fresh Trout Were Selling Fast At Grenelle Market

It's Often Difficult To Walk Through The Grenelle Market, It's So Busy

This Butcher Stirs Steaming Saurkraut, Surrounding Him With Steam, The Smell Was Yummy

Tantalizing Fresh Vegetables Line The Market Place At Grenelle

Fruits de Mers, Fresh Fish Everywhere At Grenelle Market

A Beautiful Display Of Flowers At The Sunday Market At Grenelle

Love These Corner Apartment Buildings On Busy rue de Commerce

A Poissonnier On Commerce Sells Fresh Normandy Oysters On Sunday, Yum!

Typical Trattoria In the 15e (For Exporting Food)

Madame Patiently Waits Until Fifi Decides To Turn And Walk In the Right Direction

Just In Case You're Interested In A Paris Flat (The 16e Is Right Bank, Upper Class)

The 15e rue de Commerce

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